Actual Patient “ALISON”

All-around a great experience. Dr. Pechak did palate grafts to my lower gum lines. I love the result (my mouth feels so much healthier and no more sensitivity to cold and heat!). Dr. Pechak is very professional, personable, and kind. I would recommend him to anyone who needs this procedure, even my grandmothers. The only downside was puffy cheeks for about 5 days after the procedure. Pain was minimal.


Actual Patient “JAN”

This year it became clear that gum graft treatment would be necessary for my receding gums. As a trauma therapist, I am acutely aware of the impact of the people and situations surrounding any surgical procedure. I interviewed three periodontists in this area and confidently chose Dr. Pechak. From start to finish, Dr. Pechak is steady, present, extremely skillful and always available to answer questions. My case is relatively extensive, and I can sense Dr. Pechak´s commitment to go the extra mile to accommodate my overall treatment plan. In my first and most extensive procedure, I healed very quickly and experienced nearly no pain. Immediately, I could anticipate my next two more procedures without any qualms or apprehension. I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Pechak´s outstanding assistance. Thank You!


Actual Patient “ELIZABETH”

I was referred to Dr. Pechak by my regular dentist for a gum graft. Not being familiar with the procedure, Mr. Pechak did a great job of explaining and made me feel at easy in the process. I´m extremely happy with the results of the procedure and have not had any problems since. I will certainly seek out Dr. Pechak for any future procedures I might need.


Actual Patient “GEORGE”

I am a patient of Dr. Pechak. As a result of a stress I had some serious periodontal infection and I suddenly lost 3 teeth at extreme upper left. There was also a very significant bone loss so that implants seemed not to be possible. Following Dr. Pechak´s advice I went to Dr. Kasey K. Li in Palo Alto reconstructive surgery, who performed a set of surgical procedures to restore the bone to make implants possible. Dr. Li was in constant communication with Dr. Pechak discussing with him the best way to proceed and following his directions. Dr. Pechak has finished my 3 implants this week. I feel enormously happy about it and grateful to Dr. Pechak! When all of this happened, it was not much hope that I will be able to get the implants. I recommend Dr. Pechak in strongest possible terms.


Actual Patient “BILL”

Recently my dentist referred me to Dr. Pechak in hopes that he could correct the gum grafts I had done by a different periodontist. I am so pleased with the results and the exposed roots are completely covered.

Dr. Pechak thoroughly discussed pre-, interim and post procedures. He was very honest about expected pain, swelling & recovery time. The personal phone call to my home post-procedure was very appreciated as well. His staff is very professional and engaging. I wouldn’t equate the facility to a health spa in that the environment is entirely different not to mention the procedures rendered are different. Although the Valium did help me relax! I would say that the facilities are clean, sterile where required, and very pleasant.

I highly recommend Dr. Pechak to any individual in need of periodontal work.

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